When it comes to the holidays, there are certain Christmas symbols that pop up over and over again, like stars, bells, mistletoe, Christmas trees and more. 

And while Christmas is an event with religious origins, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, there is also the secular celebration of Christmas, where we hang wreaths on our doors, decorate a Christmas tree with our family’s heirloom ornaments while singing Christmas carols, eat candy canes while baking gingerbread cookies, place poinsettias on the fireplace hearth and hang stockings from the mantel. 

Even if we decorate without much thought every December, the decor that fills our home has deep roots. Believe it or not, there is a special meaning behind each one of those traditional Christmas decorations and rituals—and many of the symbols associated with the Christmas holiday actually have religious origins. 

Keep reading to learn about the symbolism behind 17 popular Christmas decorations—it may give you an even deeper appreciation for the holiday this year!

17 Christmas Symbols and Their Meanings

Christmas tree symbol


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