The word “advent” means “coming” and the month of December is the season of advent where we wait expectantly for Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth. It is a time to get our hearts ready for the celebration of Christ’s birth. A way to symbolize this time is to set out an advent wreath and candles. The candles are typically placed on the wreath and each of the candles has its own meaning that is meant to focus on the different aspects of getting ready for Christmas.

If you’ve never used an Advent wreath and candles before, we’ll explain the meaning and how it all got started. The wreath itself is a symbol, and each of the candles has its own distinct meaning for each of the four weeks prior to Christmas. Although traditions vary, the basic premise of the Advent wreath and candles is the same. 

Read further as we go over the Advent wreath and candles meaning in further detail. We’ll start with how the tradition began.

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Advent Wreath and Candles Meaning

Advent wreaths and candles are more than just pretty Christmas decorations. The arrangement of an evergreen wreath with four candles (five, if you choose to feature one for Christmas Day itself) has special meaning and is used to put our focus on the upcoming celebration of Jesus’ birth. 


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