2020 was an unprecedented year for many reasons—a global pandemic, local lockdowns and Taylor’s two surprise album drops. And with those surprise albums came some equally surprising word choices that had Swifties pulling out their dictionaries. 

These complex words didn’t stop with folklore and evermoreRed (Taylor’s Version), released in 2021 and Midnights, released this fall, have continued the use of elevated language in her lyrics. After all, Taylor wants auroras and sad prose…and complicated nomenclature.

We, along with some help from good old Merriam-Webster, break down the words in some of the lyrics found on her last four albums that have fans scratching their heads and asking, “Huh?”

“The Taylor Swift Dictionary” for Folklore

“the 1”

Word: Matinée
Lyric: “I hit the Sunday matinée”
Meaning: “a musical or dramatic performance or social or public event held in the daytime and especially the afternoon.”


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