NEW YORK (AP) — Here’s the sitch, Scrabble stans. Your convos all around the board are about to get more intriguing with about 500 new phrases and variations extra to the game’s official dictionary: stan, sitch, convo, zedonk, dox and fauxhawk amid them.

Out this month, the insert-ons in the seventh edition of “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary” be a part of more than 100,000 words of two to eight letters. The book was final up to date in 2018 through a longstanding partnership concerning Hasbro and Merriam-Webster.

The new words incorporate some trademarks gone generic — dumpster for 1 — some shorthand joy like guac, and a tasty display screen of far more verb versions: torrented, torrenting, adulted, adulting, atted, atting (as in do not at me, bro).

“We also turned verb into a verb so you can play verbed and verbing,” mentioned Merriam-Webster’s editor at substantial, Peter Sokolowski, a smile on his encounter and a word-nerd glitter in his eye in the course of an unique interview with The Associated Press.

Fauxhawk, a haircut very similar to a Mohawk, is perhaps the highest scoring novice, he reported. Embiggen, a verb indicating to raise in sizing, is among the the unanticipated. (Sample sentence: “I truly require to embiggen that Scrabble dictionary.”)

Compound words are on the increase in the book with deadname, pageview, fintech, allyship, babymoon and subtweet. So are the “uns,” these as unfollow, unsub and unmute. They may possibly audio acquainted, but they had been by no means Scrabble official, at minimum when it arrives to the sainted game’s branded dictionary.

Match perform is a full other subject, with a broader assortment of agreed-on words.

Sokolowski and a workforce of editors at Merriam-Webster have mined the oft-freshened on-line databases at to grow the Scrabble ebook. While the formal regulations of recreation engage in have constantly authorized the use of any dictionary that gamers sanction, numerous look to the official version when sitting down down for a spot of Scrabble. Some deluxe Scrabble sets contain one particular of the textbooks.

In the very last year or two, the Scrabble lexicon has been scrubbed of 200-plus racial, ethnic and if not offensive words — in spite of their presence in some dictionaries. That has prompted furious debate among match players. Supporters of the cleanup referred to as it prolonged overdue. Other individuals argued that the text, having said that heinous in definition, must remain playable so extensive as details are to be had.

Inspite of dwelling engage in principles that never exclusively banned offensive words, you will not locate the notorious 200 in the Scrabble dictionary, with scarce exceptions for all those with other meanings.

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The new Scrabble e-book contains at the very least just one old-fashioned phrase that only fell under the radar for many years: yeehaw.

“Yeehaw is like so many of the older, informal phrases. They had been a lot more spoken than prepared, and the gold standard for dictionary enhancing was generally written proof. So a phrase like yeehaw, which we all know from our childhood and in motion pictures and Tv, was one thing you heard. You did not examine it that typically,” Sokolowski said.

Yeehaw, meet bae, inspo, vibed and vibing, all new additions to the Scrabble dictionary. Ixnay, which was currently in the e-book, has been promoted to a verb, so ixnayed, ixnaying and ixnays are now permitted.

Welp, thingie, roid, skeezy, slushee and hygge (the Danish obsession with acquiring cozy) also designed the lower. So did kharif, the Indian subcontinent’s slide harvest.

The Merriam-Webster wordsmiths have included a slew of food-associated words: iftar, horchata, kabocha, mofongo, zuke, zoodle, wagyu, queso and marg, for margarita, amid them. Many Scrabble players could not treatment less about definitions — only points — but informatively:

Iftar is a meal taken by Muslims at sundown to crack the day by day rapidly all through Ramadan. Mofongo is a traditional Puerto Rican dish built of fried or boiled plantains. Horchata is a sweet drink and kabocha is a winter squash.

Zonkey joins zedonk among new text using a Z, a single of the best scorers in Scrabble alongside with Q (every single has a facial area benefit of 10 factors). The variation amongst those people two wacky-sounding animals, you question? A zonkey is sired from a male zebra and a feminine donkey. The parentage of a zedonk is the other way about. Zedonk even has a playable variation: zeedonk.

Zoomer, for a member of GenZ, is also new. Acquainted with the Middle Jap spice blend za’atar? A significantly less typical variant, zaatar, is now in the Scrabble dictionary. Terms with apostrophes are not allowed.

And there’s extra wherever all of that came from:

Oppo, jedi, adorbs, dox variant doxxed, eggcorn (a misheard slip of the ear), fintech, folx (inclusive option to people), grawlix, hangry, matcha, onesie, spork, swole, unmalted, vaquita, vax and vaxxed have been additional.

Certainly, jedi have to have not be capitalized. Pondering what grawlix indicates? It’s this: $%!(asterisk)#, a sequence of typographical symbols used to substitute words a single does not want to write, typically those people that got you into difficulties as a child.

Among other new eight-letter phrases, the sort that help gamers apparent their 7-tile racks for 50 excess details: hogsbane, additional typically acknowledged as huge hogweed. Yet another: pranayam, a breath system in yoga.

Sokolowski wouldn’t expose all 500 of the new text, challenging players to hunt them down on their have. Are your Scrabble senses scrambled, so to speak?

“All of these are terms that have previously been vetted and outlined and added to the Merriam-Webster on line dictionary, and now we have identified they’re playable in Scrabble,” Sokolowski said. “You’ve bought some pleasurable new text.”

So which new entry is the word master’s most loved? It’s the just one that sounds like the way acorn is pronounced.

“I like eggcorn,” Sokolowski claimed, “because it is a phrase about text.”


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