What’s love without a little laughter? Ree and Ladd have been together for more than 25 years now, and they still find ways to make each other chuckle. With February 14 sneaking up on us, now is as good a time as any to add some humor to your romance. And you can start by telling your special someone some of the bestValentine’s Day puns!

This clever one-liners are guaranteed to get a giggle out of anyone! You can also use them to bring a little humor to your Valentine’s Day cards or your Valentine’s Day Instagram captions. Or, just read a few out loud with your loved one (in addition to a few heartfelt Valentine’s Day quotes, of course). After all, what other person would you ask to “Brie mine” this Valentine’s Day? Remind them that you “whale” always love them by tickling their funny bone. And anyone who loves their puns with a side of science will appreciate one-liners like, “Sweet as Pi” or “I sulfur when you argon.”

Even if you aren’t sure what things to do on Valentine’s Day this year, you can’t go wrong by infusing some hilarity into the day. These Valentine’s jokes might even prompt you to check out a couple romantic comedies to stream as part of your marathon of Valentine’s Day movies. Spending the day with the person who’s stolen a “pizza” your heart is all you can ask for to celebrate the day!

Cheesy Valentine’s Day Puns

valentines day puns

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  • Are you a thief? Because you stole my heart.

  • I am cocoa-nuts about you!

  • Call me the Little Drummer Boy, because my heart beats for you.

  • Our love is like a needle. It’s just sew special to me!

  • You *must* be part magnet, because you always find a way to attract me to you!

  • If you’ll be the cash, I’ll be the rubber band.

  • Are you a flame?! Because I think I found my perfect match.

  • People think we’re aliens, but it’s just because our love is out of this world.

  • You remind me a lot of a keyboard—you’re just my type!

  • You must be a bowling ball since you’re right up my alley.

  • Your shirt must be made out of husband/wife material.

  • You must be a geologist because you rock my world.

  • You’re like my favorite card in a deck: the king/queen of *my* heart.

  • Your name must be Autumn because I am falling for you.

  • Don’t worry about paying rent! You can live inside my heart for free.

  • I dig you a hole lot.

  • I think you are porcu-fine.

  • We mermaid for each other!

  • I mustache you a question…will you be my Valentine?

  • Muffin can ever come between us.

Food-Related Valentine’s Day Puns

heart donut valentines day captions

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  • You whisk me off my feet, Valentine.

  • You’re one in a melon.

  • Will you peas be mine?

  • Brie mine.

  • I a-peach-iate you!

  • Only have fries for you.

  • You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.

  • I love you berry much.

  • You make me melt.

  • Let’s avo-cuddle.

  • We make an amazing pear.

  • Love you from my head tomatoes.

  • Olive you!

  • We’re mint to be together.

  • You’re egg-cellent, Valentine.

  • I loaf you so much!

  • I relish the time we spend together.

  • Tortellini in love with you.

  • You donut even know how much I love you.

  • Don’t go bacon my heart.

  • We’re butter together.

  • You’re the loaf of my life.

  • All you knead is love.

  • You’re my jam.

Animal-Related Valentine’s Day Puns

dogs heart noses valentines day captions

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  • Bee mine, Valentine.

  • You’re one in a chameleon!

  • You’re mine fur-ever.

  • Owl always love you.

  • In turtle love with you every day.

  • I ruff you.

  • I can’t bear the thought of life without you.

  • I’m not lion: You’re my favorite person in the world.

  • My significant otter.

  • I whale always love you.

  • No bunny compares to you!

  • I’m fawned of you.

  • You’re o-fish-ally the best.

  • Oh deer do I love you!

  • Seal-ed with a kiss.

  • We bee-long together.

  • Spending so much koala-ty time together this Valentine’s Day.

  • You give me porpoise, Valentine.

Nature-Related Valentine’s Day Puns

red flower valentines day captions

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  • I’ll never desert you.

  • I be-leaf in love at first sight.

  • I lava you so much!

  • You’re my bam-boo.

  • Aloe, is it me you’re looking for?

  • My life would succ without you.

  • Thistle be the best day ever.

  • Wood you be mine, Valentine?

  • Love you so moss.

  • I lichen you a lot.

  • I’ll never leaf you.

  • So mushroom in my heart for you.

  • I’m so glad I pricked you.

  • You had me at “aloe.”

  • Went from “cacti” to “cactus.”

  • Pine-ing fir you.

Science- and Math- Inspired Valentine’s Day Puns

math heart valentines day captions

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  • We’ve got great chemistry.

  • I sulfur when you argon.

  • My love for you radiates.

  • I aorta tell you how much I love you.

  • Sweet as Pi.

  • Are you a 90 degree angle? Because this feels right.

  • You’re pretty acute, Valentine.

  • Are you copper and tellurium? Because you are Cu Te!

  • You are the most perfect arrangement of atoms.

  • Been thinking of U periodically.

  • Are you a 30-degree angle? Because you’re acute-y!

Drink-Inspired Valentine’s Day Puns

coffee heart valentines day captions

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  • You’re my cup of tea.

  • You had me at merlot!

  • I soda think you’re cute.

  • You’re tea-rrific.

  • You’re ex-straw-ordinary!

  • Love you a latte.

  • What a cu-tea.

  • I can’t espresso how much I love you.

  • Love you very matcha.

  • Stopping to smell the rosé this Valentine’s Day.

  • You’re to-tea-lly my type.

  • Getting into the Valentine’s Day spirits.

  • Soda-rn cute.

  • You are juice the sweetest!

  • Unbeerlievable that you’re mine.

  • Let’s get into the Valentine’s Day spirits!

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