There’s a deeper meaning powering the Easter celebration’s vibrant picks. Understand the tales behind the hues, and how to get the job done them into your Easter decor.

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Every single vacation has its personal one of a kind colour scheme—think orange and black for Halloween, red and inexperienced for Xmas, blue and silver for Hanukkah, or crimson and pink for Valentine’s Working day. But Easter has a full rainbow of attractive colors related with it, from spring-like pastels to some severe shades (hi, black?).

Read on for the this means behind the traditional Easter hues, and how they arrived to be connected with the holiday—plus strategies you can include those people colours into your Easter decorations.

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Purple or Violet

Purple historically was associated with royalty, due to the expenditure of developing the dye, which demanded harvesting a uncommon sea snail and drying out its mucus to produce the hue. Some Roman emperors even forbid standard folks from sporting the hue, and sentenced individuals who did to dying, according to There’s some dissent concerning New Testament textbooks, but the Gospels of Mark and John condition that the soldiers dressed Jesus in a robe of purple at the crucifixion to mock him as “King of the Jews.”

Throughout the Easter time, purple signifies sorrow and penance. It’s the conventional coloration of Lent, the 40 days just before Easter when Christians get ready to rejoice the resurrection of Jesus. In church buildings, purple is frequently employed in altar cloths, celebrant vestments, and floral preparations or other decorations throughout the direct up to Easter.

How to use it: While you might see deep, rich purples in church for Easter, there’s no reason you simply cannot choose for a a lot more spring-like lilac or pastel violet in your Easter decor. Decide on spring flowers like purple tulips or hyacinth, irises, violets, lilacs, or pansies to adorn your table. (Potted plants can be positioned or planted exterior just after they grace your Easter table.)

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Delicate pink is the shade of sunrises, delicate spring flowers, and it is connected with joy. Pink is utilised exclusively on Laetare Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Lent (or 21 days just before Easter). It’s a midpoint in the Lenten year, and a time when people who are sacrificing issues for Lent can choose a breather. (No question it’s affiliated with pleasure!)

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How to use it: Pink is a widespread colour in Easter decor, and odds are you will come across it in abundance in getaway decorations. For Easter flower arrangements, consider tulips, flowering branches like cherry blossoms, and pink lilacs or hyacinth. You can even uncover new varietals of daffodils in comfortable blush hues.

Yellow or Gold

Gold is reserved for Easter Sunday, as a celebration of the joy of Christ’s triumph around loss of life. Cheerful yellow is also the shade of new chicks and sunshine, symbolizing the rebirth and renewal of spring.

How to use it: If you have gold-banded or trimmed dinnerware, vases, or candlesticks, now’s the time to pull it out for your Easter tablescape. Daring yellow daffodils are the ultimate cheerful preference for Easter decor. For a festive (and maybe a tiny offbeat) decoration, include felted or fluffy yellow chicks—or even individuals goofy yellow Peeps—into your decor.


White symbolizes purity and innocence and frequently pops up equally to commemorate the Final Supper on the Thursday prior to Easter (AKA Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday), and Easter by itself. White Easter lilies are a prevalent option for floral arrangements on Easter in the church, as the white lily is frequently highlighted in the Bible as a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.

How to use it: For a regular Easter decoration, you can not go completely wrong with the bold white Easter lily—though you will discover a quantity of spring blooms, from daffodils to tulips to lilacs that arrive in that delicate shade. White’s a showcased colour in numerous secular Easter decorations, like the Easter bunny and lambs, so you will have no issue locating white decor for your Easter celebration.


This fiery hue is affiliated with the passion of Christ and the blood he shed at his crucifixion. In some Gospel texts, Jesus is carrying a scarlet robe at his crucifixion.

How to use it: In the Greek Orthodox faith, Easter eggs are dyed this bold hue—but any one who celebrates Easter can definitely opt for a few bold purple eggs in their assortment. Crimson tulips could be added in as a pop of coloration in floral preparations.

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Black is customarily the shade linked with death, and it is generally made use of during Easter on Fantastic Friday in unique, as a color of mourning. You may well uncover it employed on altar cloths and somewhere else in the church for Very good Friday solutions.

How to use it: Black’s likely the a person Easter coloration that you want to use sparingly for this springy celebration. You could use black ink or crayons to generate styles on Easter eggs, or characteristic hints of black (like ebony-hued napkin rings or candlesticks) as element of your desk decor as a counterpoint to the other brilliant and cheerful Easter colors.


Inexperienced is in fact utilized most in the church immediately after the Easter celebrations are around, as a symbol of hope and advancement (the best colours for spring, far too!).

How to use it: Green branches and palm leaves are connected with the Easter time, and can be a very counterpoint to other spring flowers. Adorn your table with small pots of herbs, grasses, or other greenery in lieu of flowers for an unexpected centerpiece.

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