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You remember that line by Nas in “N.Y. State of Mind” that goes “I never sleep, ’cause sleep is the cousin of death”? For many, during our teen years into our 20s, it was a credo that kept us out of the house until the wee hours. As we get older, however, and become unbeset by FOMO, we tend to run head down and full speed like an offensive tackle into Morpheus’s warm embrace. It’s with that in mind that we’re taking stock of the best bedrooms published in ELLE DECOR in 2021. There will be dramatic lighting…there will be blue-chip art…and there will be headlines with heavy alliteration.

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Somnambular Sass

It’s sometimes hard to remember dreams, but after waking up in this wild bedroom in Lyon, France, designed by Marie-Lise Féry—Lewis Carroll by way of Pierre Frey—why bother trying?


Petrograd Pomps

Like a Mariinsky-level pas de deux, the bold cobalt of the carpet in this St. Petersburg apartment by Tim Veresnovsky contrasts beautifully with the wall’s creamy faux leather and beechwood.


Tyrolean Tension

Who wouldn’t want a black leather–upholstered bed frame? Well, probably a lot of people. But this bedroom in a Milan apartment by Hannes Peer makes a very good argument to consider.


Menorca Madness

Look up maximalist in the dictionary and you know what you’ll find? Well, you’d find the definition of the word maximalist, which Spanish designer Lorenzo Castillo definitely is. What more could he have added to this stunning bedroom in Menorca, Spain? Feel free to email him suggestions.


Built-in Bed and Beanbag Bonanza

A well-made bed is always de rigueur, but making one like this—a custom encasement built against a window—can be a challenge. Dorothy Berwin has the secret.


Full-Throttle Throw

The Jasper Morrison–designed bed in this room by Luis Fernandez is cocooned in pattern, from the Rug Company rug to the Pierre Frey wallcovering. And yet, where does the eye focus its attention?


Chandelier Shocker

In this kid’s bedroom on the Upper East Side by Bradley Stephens, the hulking Murano fixture might be distracting while trying to study for midterms. But while your GPA suffers, this chandelier will turn that frown upside down.


Captivating Catnap

In the bedroom of his Mexico City apartment, designer Mark Grattan uses whites and creams, from the Élitis wallcovering to stone pedestals, to give the feeling of waking up in a cloud. His cat, Amiga, and his anonymous guajillo tree, know that heaven is a place on earth.


North-Sea Nonchalance

For a couple of art collectors, Olivier Dwek brings white-box gallery vibes into the bedroom of their vacation home in Knokke, Belgium. In a room with works by Tracey Emin, Francis Alÿs, Raymond Pettibon, Michaël Borremans, Willem Cole, Wolfgang Laib, and Tom Molloy, sleeping clearly isn’t a priority.


Photo-Editor Energy

It must be written somewhere that when an ELLE DECOR editor designs a bedroom, it has to look really good. David Murphy knew the stakes were high when he created the main bedroom of his COVID retreat in the Berkshires. Suffice to say, he brought his A game.


Noguchi Knockout

Another glorious four poster for the ol’ swipe file in a bedroom designed by Kevin Dumais. This time, a gargantuan pendant designed by Isamu Noguchi provides the occupant something large and bulbous to stare at while passing out from a long day.


Boca Raton Badassery

When designing in a South Florida city whose name in English means rat’s mouth, earnest and subdued are not the way to go. Fawn Galli held little back in this color-pattern explosion with a custom terrazzo floor to boot.


Rattan Revolution

In a 1920s villa in Palm Beach, Mark D. Sikes posits a show-stopping rattan bed in a guest room awash in Quadrille and Matouk patterns. Even in a tropical state like Florida, blue can be the warmest color.


Word of Whimsy

The artwork above the bed by Rob Wynne in the home of fabric titans Andrea and John Stark is certainly a conversation starter. We guess it could be seen as a reminder after a long day to ignore drama and just go to sleep. And if that doesn’t work, try a sound machine and a few melatonin capsules.


Rounded Richesse

Who said a bed must have two sets of parallel lines? For those of us who sleep curled up in a fetal position, a circular mattress, like this one in a bedroom by Husband Wife, might actually be a more accommodating shape.


Vital Volume

For some, to sleep in a bedroom large enough to have a sitting area with a Danish midcentury sofa, sheepskin chairs, and a Philip Artander cocktail table is the ultimate home aspiration. Looking at this one designed by Cliff Fong is making us consider tearing down some walls to expand ours. The landlord won’t mind, right?

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