esfeli safilin
esfeli safilin

used in everyday language sözcürare, little-known, or term sözcüThere are k and concepts. Their meaning may be a matter of curiosity. Request esfeli safilin We have written detailed information about the subject, such as what the word means and what it means. Esfeli safilin sözcüIt comes from the Arabic adjective “safil”.

What Does Esfeli Safilin Mean?

Esfeli safilin is the lowest rank a person can fall. In other words, according to the understanding of Islam, it expresses the state and condition of being at a lower level than the animal. When the phrase esfeli safilin is searched in the dictionary of the Turkish Language Institution, the word safili is reached first. Safili includes meanings such as not high, low and inferior. Esfeli safilin means the lowest, very low and similar.

Who and What is Esfeli Safilin Called?

In Islam, there are the concepts of “esfel-i safilin” and “ala-yi illiyyin”. Accordingly, Almighty God, unlike other beings, Hz. He made Adam and his progeny endowed with opposite manifestations. In other words, people can rise to the level of the highest being as well as fall to the lowest level of the lowest. If a person has fallen to the rank of the lowest of the lowest with his deeds and intentions, he is described as “esfeli safilin”.

Example sentences with the expression esfel-i sâfilîn

  • O heedless human being who was created in the ahsen-i calendar and went to the side of the esfel-i sâfilîn with his old man! Listen to me. Even though I see the world as pleasant and beautiful with the drunkenness of youth and heedlessness, like you, I saw how ugly the face of the world that I thought was beautiful, which is not inclined towards the hereafter, and how beautiful the real face of the hereafter, which I thought was beautiful, was in the second position of the Seventeenth Word. Look at the two signs of truth, and you will see.
  • Since man was created in the divine calendar and was given a very mosque-like ability, he could enter the maqam, rank, degree, rank, and fall from the esfel-i sâfilî to the âlâ-yı illiyyîn, from the ferş to the Throne, from an atom to a sun. He was put to the test, and he was sent to this world as a miracle of power, and as a result of creation and acube-i art, the two roads leading to endless silence and silence were opened before him. (Words – Twenty-Third Word)
  • O Europe, corrupted by debauchery and misguidance and turned away from the Christian religion! You have gifted this hellish state to a human spirit with a blind genius who has only one eye like the antichrist. Then you realized that this is such a drug-free disease that it throws a person from the best of illiyyîn to the most miserable level of animal life. The medicine you find against this disease is your attractive toys and drowsy whims and fantasies, which temporarily serve as an annulment. Let this medicine of yours eat your head and eat it! (The Lem’as – to the Seventeenth Lem)
  • For a minute, disbelief throws a disbeliever into esfel-i sâfilî for more than a thousand years, since it is the denial of a thousand and one Divine Names and the vilification of their origin, the violation of the laws of the universe, the denial of its perfection and the denial of the denial and witnessing of the endless proof of unity… to the Eighth Lem)
  • There comes a time when a word sinks an army; One cannon causes the destruction of thirty million. How did it happen… It happens under such circumstances that a small action can make a person âlâ-yı illiyyîn. It happens that a small deed brings a person down to his esfel-i safilîn.
  • For example, once a deep voice was heard in the Prophet’s peace. Rasul-ü Ekrem Aleyhissalâtü Vesselâm decreed: “This noise is the noise of a stone that has been rolling for seventy years and fell to the bottom of Hell just this minute.” 3 Those who hear this hadith and do not reach the truth, deviate from denial. However, twenty minutes after that hadith, it is absolutely certain that someone came and said to the Messenger of Allah, “The famous hypocrite died twenty minutes ago.” That hypocrite, who turned seventy years old, has eloquently declared that, as a stone of Hell, his entire life span consists of esfel-i safilîn, lapse of disbelief, in a very eloquent manner. Allah Almighty made that voice heard at the time of his death and marked him.
  • Other Anâsır-ı Even a small part of Islam is outside of Islam. Liar atheists, who accuse this holy nation, who are so serious and genuinely religious, and who, as the heroic army of the true religion for a thousand years, “reject religion or become irreligious”, that burned their national nationality with millions of religious people and wrote with the tips of their swords. The people without nationality commit such a crime that they deserve to be punished in the esfel-i sâfilîn layer of Hell. However, Risale-i Nur does not mention the wide circle of religion that includes the laws of social life. Maybe he talks about the principles of faith, the main subject and aim of which is the most unique and highest part of religion.
  • The result of kalam: If you listen to the nafs and the devil, you will fall into misery. If you listen to the truth and the Qur’an, you will become good-natured and become a beautiful calendar of the universe.


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