When to take Christmas decorations down? It’s an age-old debate, but as you indulge in the last of the festivities, thoughts may be turning to the conclusion of the holidays – and how to get your home back to its pre-Christmas scheme. However, the exact date for the job is an annual source of debate amongst households. So, we caught up with the experts – to settle the debate – once and for all. 

Sharing his post-Christmas decor ideas Mac Harman, the CEO of luxury Christmas tree company, Balsam Hill (opens in new tab) revealed the day that you need to know. This is when to take your Christmas decorations down, according to those who should know. 

When to take your Christmas decorations down 

Christmas tree topper ideas with a straw star on top of the tree

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‘Largely, we’ve found the majority of people like to take their trees down the first week of January, with most taking theirs down on the 12th Day of Christmas (January 5th) or the Feast of Epiphany (January 6th),’ Mac explains. 


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